Does Jumping Rope Burn Fat Better Than Running?- Check it out.

Does Jumping Rope Burn Fat Better Than Running? The most frequent asked question. What is better for burning fat fast? Does Jumping Rope Burn Fat Better Than Running? Or running is better than jump rope in this case. If you have such questions then right now you are at right place. Both Jumping rope and running comes under Cardio Workouts. Both burns fat but the question is who does it efficiently? Does Jumping Rope Burn Fat Better Than Running or Running is far better than Jump Rope?

Does Jumping Rope Burn Fat Better Than Running?

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Today Guys we are gonna tell you which one is better In burning fat- Jump Rope or Running.

Does Jumping Rope Burn Fat Better Than Running?

To compare both Jump rope and running we have to take care of certain variables Including,

Efficiency, which one is more efficient.

Muscle worked, which muscle does it work.

Injuries, which one is more injury prone.

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To know which is more efficient lets take a look at the survey. According to Harvard Health Publications. Based on 60 minutes of exercise, a 155 lb. person burns 744 calories jumping rope and 596 calories running at 5 mph or 744 calories running at 6 mph. Although it appears that running is superior to jumping rope, it is misleading. Intensity needs to be taken into consideration. For example, a 180 lb. person burns 980 calories jumping rope at a fast pace for 60 minutes. This same size person burns about 815 calories running at 6 mph for 60 minutes. Simply put, if you jump rope at a fast pace, and run at a slow pace, you will burn more fat jumping rope. With both forms of exercise, people who are bigger will burn more calories. Which clearly shows that in case of running you have to put more efforts to burn more. But jumping rope burns more fat efficiently. Which make this point “Does Jumping Rope Burn Fat Better Than Running?” true.


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Muscles Worked

Now lets take a look at what muscle does both of it targets. When you jump rope, you experience only moderate joint activity. Your wrists and ankles get most of the work, and your elbows and shoulders get a slight bit of involvement. This leads to a small amount of muscle recruitment. The calves get most of the work, and the shoulders get a slight bit of work.

However, while Running, multiple joints throughout your body are worked at the same time, such as your ankles, knees, hips, elbows and shoulders. When you use a high amount of joints, you also recruit a high amount of muscle. Even though running is a form of cardio, you still build some muscle because you have to move the weight of your body. When you build muscle, you increase your resting metabolism. In case of muscle targeting, Running is more vigorous than jumping rope because you involve so much of your body.


As we said, while running, multiple joints are worked throughout your body, such as ankles, knees, hips, elbow and shoulders. One of the challenges with running intervals is that when you step one foot the whole force of your body weight at that point is on that foot, which can pose a potential injury (hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, other) to many people.

Where as In case of Jump Rope, your wrist and ankles get most of the work, and your elbow and shoulder gets slight involvement. whenever you land you land on both of your feet which reduces any joint or hamstring injury issues.


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So guys i think you got the answer for “Does Jumping Rope Burn Fat Better Than Running?”. Regardless if you jump rope or run, you need to take a personal interest in your diet. If you eat more calories than you lose through exercise, you will not burn any fat. This is the case no matter what form you choose or how hard you work out. The most important thing is to reduce your calories and follow a healthy diet.

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