Ectomorphs diet plan- Try out the Diet Plan for Ectomorph Body Type.

In my last post. I had written about the different body types, their characteristics, Diet plan and workout routine. In this post we are gonna tell you about the what exact ectomorphs diet plan should a ECTOMORPH BODY TYPE  follow, which will help them gain weight and muscle.

We know that Ectomorph is a skinny type of body with a very fast metabolism rate. To gain mass, the calories intake must be more than the calories get metabolized. And for that you must have a proper diet plan, a proper ectomorphs diet plan indeed. For that first you have to do is to increase the no of meals that you are taking in your whole day. This Ectomorphs diet plan consists of 5 meals diet plan.

Here is the ectomorphs diet plan that a ECTOMORPH must follow:


In your breakfast you can have, Banana and Raspberries Smoothie (348 calories) or French Toast Total Calories (315 calories).


ectomorphs diet plan

Mid-morning Snack –

After your Breakfast its time for 2nd meal. Your mid morning meal. You can take a handful of dried fruits and nuts (350 calories)

Lunch –

Your 3rd meal is going to be your lunch. make it slightly big. For your lunch you can have Lamb Stew (300 calories) + stir-fried vegetables (122 calories).

Evening Snack –

At nearly 4-5 pm its time for your Evening Meal and in your evening meal you can have some thing light and healthy like a Banana and strawberry smoothie (197 calories)

Dinner –

Your last meal is your Dinner. Make it a big and rich of protein. In your Dinner you can have Brown rice (332 calories) + Sweet and sour chicken (237 calories)


So guys these were the diet plan for Ectomorph body type. I hope All my friends with Ectomorph body type will find it usefull. So guys make this meal plan your habbit and you will find the differences yourself.


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