Endomorphs diet Plan- Try out the Diet Plan for Endomorph Body Type.

In my last post. I had written about the different body types, their characteristics, Diet plan and workout routine. In this post we are gonna tell you about the Diet Plan for Endomorph Body Type that a ENDOMORPH BODY TYPE should follow, which will help you Maintain your weight and gain muscle.

We know that Endomorphs gains weight very easily and the unfortunately the gained is actually FAT not muscle. So to avoid this they should control the calories intake and minimize the calories intake as much as possible. And for that you must have a proper diet plan, a proper Diet Plan for Endomorph Body Type indeed. For that first you have to do is to divide your meals into small meals that you are taking in your whole day. This Diet Plan for Endomorph Body Type consists of 5 small meals.


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Diet Plan for Endomorph Body Type


Diet Plan for Endomorph Body Type

In your breakfast you can have, Egg whites and vegetables omelette (61 calories) + 1 apple (52 calories)

Mid-morning Snack:

Diet Plan for Endomorph Body Type

After your Breakfast its time for 2nd meal. Your mid morning meal. You can take greek yogurt with strawberries (136 calories)


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Your 3rd meal is going to be your lunch. Make it slightly nutritious and protein enriched. For your lunch you can have Whole grain pasta (174 calories) + grilled chicken breast (141 calories)


Evening Snack:

Endomorphs diet Plan

At nearly 4-5 pm its time for your Evening Meal and in your evening meal you can have some thing light and healthy like 1 pear (96 calories) + handful of almonds (92 calories).


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Your last meal is your Dinner. Make it light but rich of protein. In your Dinner you can have Brown rice (332 calories) + stir-fried vegetables (122 calories).





So guys these were the Diet Plan for Endomorph Body Type. I hope All my friends with Endomorph body type will find it useful. So guys make this meal plan your habit and you will find the differences yourself.

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