Flabby arms workout- 7 workouts to get rid of those flabby arms.

Are you one of those who are worried about flabby arms and are in search of Flabby arms workout? If yes, then you are at right place. Flabby arms, the lose muscle part under your arms. Every time it get noticed when you wave your hand in the air to say goodbye. Flabby arms looks as bad as a lose tummy. If you are having the perfect figure but your arms are not well toned, it can ruin your entire look. In fact, forcefully you have to forget those sleeveless clothes. This can affect your confidence and create a negative body image.

Flabby arms workout

Now the question is how to get back your confidence. How to get back to those sleeveless clothes? How to get rid of these flabby arms? Well guys, if you are having the same problem no worries we are here with 7 Flabby arms workout to give you toned and good looking arms.


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Here are some Flabby arms workout to strong up your flabby arms

1. Bench dips.

2. Triceps overhead push.

3. Biceps curl.

4. Shoulder press.

5. Lateral dumbbell raise.

6. Push-ups.

7. Windmill.

These were 7 Flabby arms workout to attack your flabby arms. If you don’t know how to do any of these workouts, No worries, the section below gives the detail about how to perform them

How to perform Flabby arms workout:

Bench dips:

Bench Dips

The first Flabby arms workout is Bench dip.

Take a bench, place your hands on the edge of the bench. Now place your legs 2-3 ft. from the bench on the floor by slightly bending your knees. This will be your starting position.

Now slowly lower your body towards the floor by bending elbows. After a pause take the body back to the starting position.


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Triceps overhead push:

Overhead Triceps Extensions

The second Flabby arms workout is tricep overhead.

Sit on a bench, take a dumbbell and hold it overhead at arm’s length. Keeping your upper arms close to your head (elbows in) and perpendicular to the floor, This will be your starting position

Now, keeping the upper arms stationary, lower the dumbbell in a semicircular motion behind your head until your forearms touch your biceps. Breathe in as you perform this step. After short pause take the dumbbell back to the starting position.

Biceps curl:


The next Flabby arms workout is bicep curl.

Hold up a barbell rod with your hands with a medium grip. Your palm should face forward. Extend your arms while keeping the rod near your abdominal. This will be your starting position.

Now raise the rod upwards towards your shoulder and after a pause take the rod back to the starting position slowly.

Shoulder press:

The next Flabby arms workout is Shoulder Press.

Sit on a bench with dumbbells in both hands. Take the dumbbells to the shoulder level with palm facing forwards. This will be your starting position.
Now Push the dumbbells straight up until your elbow come close to locking and lower them back to the starting position.


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Lateral dumbbell raise:

The next Flabby arms workout is Lateral Dumbbell raise.

Stand and hold dumbbells in each hands in front of your hips with your palm facing each other. This will be your starting position.
Now raise the dumbbells to your sides until your arms are nearly being parallel to floor. After a short pause allow them to return back slowly to the starting position.



The next Flabby arms workout is Push-ups.

Lie prone on the floor supporting your body on you hand and toes. Keep your arms extended and hands should be shoulder width wide. Keep your torso straight. This will be your starting position.

Now keeping your body straight lower your chest towards floor. After short pause push your body up to the starting position.


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The next Flabby arms workout is windmill.

Raise your arms in front of you at the shoulder level, parallel to the ground.
Now, raise your arms upwards and rotate them backwards and down and front again in a 360-degree motion like the blades of a windmill.

So guys, these were 7 Flabby arms workout to attack your flabby and saggy arms. These 8 exercises are all you need to make those loose, flabby arms well-toned. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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