HIIT workouts- 3 fast-paced workouts to burn your fat out.

Here we are again but this time with some different topic, HIIT Training or HIIT workout. Well, Those who daily has a Gym session often know or might have heard about this. Its impossible if u haven’t but if it is so, Today we are gonna tell you about 3 HIIT workouts. This post is also for those who don’t go to Gym but this is something that you can do at your home too. The things you required is a Yoga mat, and 20-30 minutes of your routine.

Now guys, what exactly HIIT workouts are???

HIIT workouts are actually High-intensity interval training , also called high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT), is a form of interval training or exercise with short periods of intense anaerobic exercise and with less intense recovery periods.


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HIIT workouts burns tons of calories in shorter period of time. If you are wasting so much time in doing cardio switch to this fast- paced workout and burn your fat in shorter time. That’s why it is given an alternative name “The king of cardio”.

Now, what you have to do in this HIIT session is given below. Lets start…

HIIT #1:

Time : 30-40 sec each.
Repeat: 3 times(each set).
Rest: 15 sec.

Sprint for 40 sec.

30 Crunches.

15 Push-ups.

40 Simple squats.

10 Side lunges.


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HIIT #2:

HIIT Workouts #2

Time : 45 sec each.
Repeat: 3 times(each set).
Rest: 15 sec.

45 sec. Rope jump.

25 Sit ups.

20 Lunges.

20 Push-ups.

40 Crunches.


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HIIT #3:

Time: 60 sec.
Repeat: 3 times(each set).
Rest: 15 sec.

40 Crunches.

20 Push-ups.

60 sec. Plank.

60 Squats.

60 Jumping jack.


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So guys, these were 3 HIIT workouts. Choose any one and HIIT it. If Beginners have a feeling that this is not for them then of course they are wrong, HIIT is something that can be done by any one. So, they too can also do this if wanna shed some effective weight. Stop wasting time behind those long term cardio Sessions Switch to this fast-paced exercise and HIIT it.


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