Home remedies for dry hairs – 7 remedies to get rid of all Dry hair problems.

Dry Hair??? Facing Hair Problems?? If yes, then you are at right place, here we have home remedies for dry hairs.

We all are blessed with good hair, But I notice this very often that 65% people have dry hair which is easily visible. Due to dry hair there is a slight change in color and texture in the affected area, when the scalp becomes too dry a layer of it starts peeling off also called dandruff, creates itchiness, your hair becomes frizzy and the ends starts splitting which spoils all over look. Unhealthy dry hair becomes unmanageable and thus bring down your confidence level. If you are having the same dry hair problems, No worries, We are here with 7 Home remedies for dry hairs that will help you to get rid of these dry hair problems.


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Before Home remedies for dry hairs lets see what exactly are dry hairs and how dryness occur.


Our complex body have solutions to everything, like the scalp. It prepares natural oil to moisturize the hair, regardless the oil you are applying externally. which is extremely healthy for everyone’s hair. But  what if the process slows down, if the adequate amount of oil is not released your scalp will become dry and you will face the consequences.

home remedies for dry hair

Over exposure to sun, swimming, blow dryers, or heating products used for styling, frequent shampoos, products with alcohol, hair set sprays, combing hair while they are wet, are common reasons behind dry scalp.

So to conquer these problems we have 7 magical Home remedies for dry hairs which will moisturize your scalp as well as help you in getting relief from split ends, frizzy hair, itchiness and dandruff.

Before moving to Home remedies for dry hairs first lets see what problem do we face by dry hairs..

  1. Split ends.
  2. Dandruff.
  3. Itchy scalp.

Now lets see what are the home remedies for each of this hair problem.

Here are the home remedies for dry hairs:

Split ends:

When hair becomes brittle due to dryness, the ends start splitting in parts. Which reduces the hair growth and thus makes them shabby unmanageable. The only option then left with you is trimming, but what if we don’t allow our split ends to grow, check out these few tips:

Honey, Almond and Apple Cider Vinegar paste:

Mix together 2 tbsp of honey or yogurt, with 1 tbsp of almond oil and 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. you can also add ½ cup room temperature milk (not necessary if you are adding yogurt). Apply it on the ends and let it sit for 30-45 min then rinse it off.

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Banana, Honey and Almond paste:

Mash up ½ banana (you can eat the rest) then add 2 tbsp honey and ½ tbsp almond oil, massage your scalp and focus on ends. Let it say for 20 min then rinse.



The next Home remedies for dry hairs is for Dandruff. Dandruff doesn’t looks good and it can also cause hair fall.

Baking Soda and Lemon Solution:

Baking soda with lemon juice works instantly. I would advice you to moisturize your scalp after this treatment. Apply the solution for 30 – 45 min for best results once in a week.

Itchy scalp:

Itchy scalp creates a lot of discomfort in public. Pollution, unwashed scalp, head lice are also common reasons behind it.

Brown Sugar, Aloe Vera and Olive oil mixture:

A good massage with brown sugar mixed with Aloe Vera and olive oil can work well. Since aloe Vera helps to maintain pH level of scalp it can give relief immediately.


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After all these Home remedies for dry hairs, it’s very important to condition your hair.

Hair should always stay moisturized. For that we are providing some remedies with which your hair will stay moisturized even after washing.


Eggs, Olive oil and Honey Moisturizer:

Take 2 eggs or more depends on the length of the hair. Add 1 tbsp oil (Castor, olive, coconut) anyone of these and honey mix this paste with a mashed banana. Apply this paste for 30 min.


Coconut oil, Avocado, Mayonnaise and Honey Moisturizer:

Home remedies for dry hairs

½ sliced and skinned avocado with 2 tbsp coconut oil. Add 1 tbsp honey and ½ cup mayonnaise. Let this mixture stay for 30 min. you can apply this mask once in a week.


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Almond oil, Milk, Lavender Oil, Oats Moisturizer:

Use almond oil with some milk and add ¼ cup oats, 3 drops lavender oil blend these things well and apply it for 30 min.


So friends, these were some home remedies for dry hairs problem. Guys these things can take time to show its result because these are natural ways and the big thing is that all of these are harmless, has no side-effects. So its an advice, to use home remedies rather than going for those chemicals available in markets. If you will keep moisturizing your scalp using these Home remedies for dry hairs regularly!!!! I am sure you would see best out of your hair shortly.


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