How Ez bar curl and Straight bar curl are different?

Guys do you know How Ez bar curl and Straight bar curl are different? Why we use two different biceps curl rods? If no, Stay tuned.
Biceps day, Well everyone dreams to have a big bicep. Guys when you go for your biceps curl during your biceps workout, you have noticed that there are two types of Bars.

  • A Plain Bar or Straight one.
  • A EZ bar or Curl one.

Do you ever had a thought that why we use two rods.?? What are the importance of both?? How both affect biceps muscle? How Ez bar curl and Straight bar curl are different?

Well some of you may know but i guess maximum of you don’t. Well If you don’t, Don’t worry In this post we are gonna tell you exactly How Ez bar curl and Straight bar curl are different. What is the basic difference of both the bars and what effect it has on your bicep.


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Here are How Ez bar curl and Straight bar curl are different

The main difference between the EZ and the straight bar for curls is your hand positioning.

A curl one or EZ bar:

With the EZ bar(Curl Bar) your hands and wrists are slightly rotated meaning your wrists will be slightly angled, Changing the pattern of activation of the upper arm muscles.

How Ez bar curl and Straight bar curl are different Essentially, what this means is that your biceps are getting a little less work and your brachialis muscle (which lies under the lower portion of the biceps) is getting slightly more work because of the angle of your hands and wrist. It helps in increasing the length of your biceps rather than the size.


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A straight one or Plain Bar:

Now, On the Other hand, If we talk about the straight bar, the hand positioning is straight.


How Ez bar curl and Straight bar curl are different

The angle of your wrists with a standard barbell is straight thus your biceps muscle is getting all of the work. This Bar helps in increasing the size of your biceps.


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Many bodybuilders prefer straight bars because straight bar exercises bring about more spectacular results over a shorter period of time, EZ curl bars are said to be safer to use because the wrists and the elbow are in a more natural position while lifting and lowering these angled bars.

So Guys this was How Ez bar curl and Straight bar curl are different and the muscle they effect. Well, if you are a new comer and going for biceps curl, try to use Ez bar and if you want good result in shorter time them switch to straight Bar.



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