6 easy Home Remedies to get rid of tanned skin and get glowing and exfoliated skin.

Want to enjoy summers but scared of tanning??? or Already having a tanned skin and have no idea about How to get rid of tanned skin?? you need not to worry this time because we are here to help you on How to get rid of tanned skin. We are here with some amazing home remedies which if followed sincerely for a period, on regular basis it will surely help you to prevent tan and will help you to remove dead skin.

How to get rid of tanned skin


Not all tips are to be followed simultaneously, but whatever you are following you must stick to it for a couple of weeks for best results. And always remember that the ingredients you are using also helps to prevent other skin problems too thus results in the perfect bright skin without any chemicals.

Additional tip:

Always make sure you give a proper massage while washing. Giving a proper massage is the key for removing everything which gets deposited on your skin and it also helps in blood circulation. Always moisturize your skin after such masks using milk products and oil. You can also apply rose water regularly for fresh skin.


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So lets see How to get rid of tanned skin…..

How to get rid of tanned skin – 6 Home Remedies

Coffee, Sugar And Coconut Oil scrub

The first Remedy on How to get rid of tanned skin is Coffee, Sugar And Coconut Oil scrub.

Take 1 tbsp coffee powder with 1 tea spoon some sugar and add 1 tea spoon coconut oil in it. mix it well to make a paste. Now use this paste as a scrub. scrub your face for 5 min and risen it off using normal water. Use this for scrubbing 3 times in a week.


Honey, Sugar and Lemon Pack

The second Remedy on How to get rid of tanned skin is Honey, Sugar and Lemon Pack.

Take 1 tbsp sugar with honey and add some lemon juice, rub it on your skin and let it stay for 10 min wash it off after 10 minutes. Practice this for at least 3 days in a week to see the results.


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Tomato and yogurt paste

The next Remedy on How to get rid of tanned skin is Tomato and yogurt paste.




Add some tomato juice in yogurt to form a thick paste and apply it on your skin for 15 min. Wash it off after 15 minutes. This can be practiced 5 days in a week.


Gram floor and Yogurt pack

The next Remedy on How to get rid of tanned skin is Gram floor and Yogurt pack.

Take 1 tbsp gram flour with some yogurt and form a paste, apply the paste and let it sit for 15 min. Wash it off after 15 minutes. You can do this on daily basis. It can also help you in lightening your skin.


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Rice Floor, Turmeric, Yogurt and Honey pack

The next Remedy on How to get rid of tanned skin is Rice floor, Turmeric, Yogart and Honey Pack.

Take 2 tbsp of rice flour and ½ spoon turmeric. Add 1 tbsp of yogurt and honey to it. Mix it well, and use it as a mask. Apply this mask 3 times in a week for 15 min. This mask also helps in getting acne free skin.


Aloe-Vera Pulp

The next Remedy on How to get rid of tanned skin is Aloe-vera Pulp.

You can also use Aloe-Vera, it contains  some detanning properties. Rubbing Aloe Vera pulp on skin helps to reduce sun burn and makes your skin even more glowing.


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Some Additional Benefits:



Tomato has skin brightening properties and it also helps detox the skin and lightens it as well.


Yogurt removes dead cells and helps in bringing out natural glow by diminishing lines and wrinkles. It moisturizes as well as hydrates skin.


Sugar works as gentle scrubber.  It exfoliate and scrub away dark dead skin and reveal new brighter skin. Always prefer sugar over salt in case of scrubbing.


Honey is naturally antibacterial, helps in moisturizing and soothing skin and used as a constituents in various home remedies for tanned skin.


Remember the time taking in natural remedies is longer than creams or chemical stuff already available, but it also has it plus points that there is no side effect, whatever your skin type is and it will always result in betterment of your skin.

You can also make your own home remedies by checking the benefits of the products plus your skin problem, try to see what natural things can help you to prevent it.


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So guys these were all about the home remedies, How to get rid of tanned skin and how to exfoliate your dead skin. Avoid using chemicals because they can have side effects too. Switch to nature’s home, say no to side effects and enjoy the summers.


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