How To Stay Fresh in Summer Time

How To Stay Fresh in Summer Time? Well, Every moment in your life should be fresh and energetic so that you live your life to its fullest, nothing should stop you. But in summer time oily dirty skin and hair, plus bad body odor and sweat drop your confidence. Where you want to blossom, you feel like a rotting flower, so it’s the right time to throw these obstacles out of your life. Today we are here with some tips that How To Stay Fresh in Summer Time.

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So lets see How To Stay Fresh in Summer Time…

Here is how to stay fresh in summer time:



The first tip for How To Stay Fresh in Summer Time is Cleaning of Your Body.


The most common thing to clean your body is taking shower, it’s good to take shower even after you come back from work. It helps you to get relaxed instantly, don’t get lazy just do it. Like you brush your teeth twice a day, try to take shower too and yes for brushing use minty toothpaste this will make you feel cool for sure.

How To Stay Fresh in Summer Time


  • You can add some lemon in your bathing water to remove body odour.
  • Cornstarch with baking soda helps in absorbing excess sweat.
  • White vinegar helps in destroying  bacteria causing bad odour. You can apply it on required area.
  • Soaking legs in warm water with salt works instantly.


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The second tip for How To Stay Fresh in Summer Time is Cleaning of Your face.

For getting rid of face dirt and oil, please wash your face 3 times in a day.. after bed, in afternoon and before bed. Use a nice face wash or soap and do give a little massage after cleaning the foam it helps to remove extra dirt and oil which accumulates and clog your pores. Use lemon for cleaning, sugar for scrubbing and honey or milk products for moisturising.  This will also result in removing full day tan. Practice this for few days and you will see the results and keep in mind that everyone has a different skin so the time taken and the result might vary from person to person.

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  • Use baking soda, add it in some lukewarm water to remove dead cells from your skin.
  •  Regularly rub your face with fresh aloe-vera gel, it will prevent skin problems.
  • Use yogurt and some lemon for glowing skin.
  • Coffee with honey works good together for tightening and firm skin 


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The third and the last tip for How To Stay Fresh in Summer Time is Cleaning of Your hairs.

Whatever style you choose, your hair adds beauty to it, so you should take care of it by keeping your scalp clean and healthy. Washing hair after every 2-3 days is good. Your hair should be moisturized regularly so that the thickness of the hair from tip to end is uniform. For moisturising, you can apply curd once in a week.

It also helps in making your hair bouncy and shiny at the same time. And with this it is essential to provide some necessary vitamins for hair growth too.


  • Damaged hair= coconut oil+ honey
  • Dandruff hair= coconut oil + lemon juice
  • Hair growth= coconut oil + aloe vera
  • Hair repair= coconut oil + eggs

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Drink as much water as you can, I would say eat less drink more in this hot summer time to stay hydrated because that’s the need. Eating lots of fruits and raw veggies’ is best instead of cooked in oil.


So friends these were some healthy tips how to be kick-out that laziness and be fresh throughout this summer. Hope this article will help you. Try it out and feel fresh throughout the day.



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