Mesomorphs Diet Plan- Try out the Diet Plan for Mesomorph Body Type.

My last post was about the different body types that we have, their characteristics, some about mesomorphs Diet plan and their workout routines .Now, guys In this post we are gonna tell you about the exact mesomorphs diet plan for MESOMORPH BODY TYPE which will  help you to Maintain your weight and gain muscle. Mesomorphs can easily gain weight due to their poor metabolism. This mesomorphs diet plan is gonna control your calories and will provide you the required protein to grow muscle.

We know that the MESOMORPH gains weight easily than Ectomorph so they should watch their calories intake. And follow the proper Mesomorphs diet plan.

You are gonna have a 5 meal a day mesomorphs diet plan.

Here is the sample mesomorphs diet plan that a MESOMORPH must follow



In your breakfast you can have,

A bowl of oatmeal with fresh or frozen berries (161 calories) + 2 Boiled eggs (156 calories)


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Mid-morning Snack

Mid-morning snack contains something light and low in calories. you can have,

2 Rice Cakes with peanut spread (214 calories) + 1 Glass of skimmed milk (83 calories)


mesomorphs Diet

In your lunch you can have something rich in protein like,

Grilled chicken breast (141 calories) + salad made with quinoa, leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and mushrooms (430 calories)


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Evening snack

mesomorphs Diet

Again light Evening Snack to take some thing light but high in protein like,

Cottage cheese with fresh fruits (219 calories)

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Make your dinner a small package of protein and fiber with

Baked sweet potato (90 calories) + stir-fried chicken and vegetables (439 calories)


Your Total calories intake were: 1933 which is 2000 approx.


So guys these were the mesomorphs diet plan for Mesomorph body type. We hope All my friends with Mesomorph body type will find it useful. So guys make this meal plan your habit and you will find the differences yourself.


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