What problems that Omega-3 deficiency can lead to- What ​Too few OMEGA-3S CAN CAUSE..? 

Do you know what problems that Omega-3 deficiency can lead to? No? Lets take a look. Omega-3 ranks among the most important essential nutrients out there today. Omega is as important for our body as a petrol/ diesel for vehicles. But still most of peoples don’t think much about low omega-3. Most doctors either. But do you know what a low omega-3 can cause to your body if not then we are gonna tell you about what problems that Omega-3 deficiency can lead to and How much do we need daily to avoid such problems.

 problems that Omega-3 deficiency can lead to

Before knowing about the problems that Omega-3 deficiency can lead to, First of all lets see what a Omega-3 deficiency is?? Omega-3 deficiency refers to low or insufficient levels of important long-chain fatty acids, as these are required to regulate cardiovascular, immune and inflammatory pathways.


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What problems that Omega-3 deficiency can lead to.

There are some serious problems that Omega-3 deficiency can lead to. The list of problems is given below.

  • Inflammation (sometimes severe)
  • Higher risk for heart disease and high cholesterol
  • Digestives disorders.
  • Allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Mental disorders like depression
  • Poor brain development
  • Cognitive decline
  • Hair Loss

If you are suffering from one or two above mentioned diseases, then your body is short of omega-3 and Try to take Omega-3 rich food to overcome this deficiency.


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After the problems that Omega-3 deficiency can lead to, Let’s tell you about the dosage of omega 3. Approximately how much Omega 3 do we need to avoid the problems that Omega-3 deficiency can lead to.

How much Omega 3 do we need daily.

To avoid the problems that Omega-3 deficiency can lead to what dose do we need.

Omega-3 Dosage

There is no set standard for how much omega-3 you should get each day. Various mainstream health organizations have released their own expert opinions, but they vary considerably. Overall, most of these organizations recommend a minimum of 250-500 mg combined EPA and DHA each day for healthy adults. However, higher amounts are often recommended for certain health conditions.

Omega-3 for Children and Pregnant Women

Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA, are vital before, during and after pregnancy. Nearly all official guidelines recommend following adult guidelines and then adding an additional 200 mg of DHA during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Several global and national organizations have published guidelines for infants and children, ranging from 50–100 mg per day of combined EPA and DHA.


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So guys, the above mentioned diseases were some main problems that Omega-3 deficiency can lead to. Make some change to your diet, change it to omega rich diet and surely it will help you. Hope this article is helpful to you.


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