Best smartwatches and wearable for healthcare

Are you want to track your fitness? But you don’t know which one are best smartwatches and wearable for healthcare? Then you are at right place guys. Today we are gonna tell you 6 amazing “smartwatches and wearable for healthcare”. Smartwatches have become one of the most important equipment for healthcare purposes. Every time you go for jogging or running, you require a device to measure the distance you’ve ran or the calories you’ve burnt. Since, you can’t do that thing yourselves, so we need a device to do that. And that’s where the smartwatches come into play. They are light weight, small in size and high on features. Basically they fit in every aspect. That’s why they rule the market as far as the healthcare industry is concerned.

Smartwatches and wearable for healthcare

But as we all know, there are thousands of products out there in the market. So the question that rises is which one to pick? If this is the scene, then you are at the right place. We’ve shortlisted the best of the smartwatches and wearable for healthcare available in the market that suit your healthcare or fitness monitoring needs.


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Smartwatches and wearable for healthcare

Microsoft Band

The first in the list of smartwatches and wearable for healthcare is Microsoft band. Microsoft band is one of the most popular smartwatch out there. The reasons being the amazing features and affordable price. It connects with Apple, Android and Microsoft smartphones. The device has a heart rate monitor, in built GPS and a pedometer. You can download the training schedules of fitness foundations to have a planned workout. Along with all these features it offers a battery life of 48 hours. It also features the Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana.


Apple Watch

Apple watch is one of the supreme quality smartwatches. This watch is loaded with tonnes of unmatched features and apps to ease your work. It’s been reported that the sensors of the Apple watch are able to tell whether you’re stressed or not based on the readings from your skin. Apple Watch uses three sensors, a GPS, a heart rate sensor and an accelerometer to keep a track of your activity. The thing that puts the Apple Watch on the next level is the availability of numerous and amazing apps which really really are very interesting and extend the usability of the Apple watch to a whole new level. Apple is famous for its simple and stylish devices and so is the Apple Watch. As far as the present market scenario is considered, no doubt, Apple Watch could be considered as the best pick.


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Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit comes in a very sleek and stylish form. It has a curved display which fits very well on the wrist. The features include heart rate monitoring, step counting, etc. The S Health app can be used to retrieve the information regarding your activities monitored by the watch. Samsung activity app lets you work according to a schedule. You can set goals for a week or a month. One major drawback of Samsung Gear Fit is that it can only be synced with a compatible Samsung smartphone.

Garmin Vivoactive

The next decent option is the Garmin Vivoactive. The features of Vivoactive are very basic and simple. The native applications can track activities like steps walked and calories burned. The Vivoactive comes with 50 metres waterproofing. You can track your various sports activities including cycling, walking, running and swimming. You get the choice to have the heart rate monitoring band. But you have to pay extra for the band. The usability of the smartwatch can be increased by installing a number of apps available on the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.


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Pebble Watch

Pebble Watch needs a paired device to work. Once you’ve paired it with an Android, iOS or Windows device, you’re good to go. There are a number of activity tracker apps available through the stores that can be used as per the needs. The watch has two inbuilt sensors, the accelerometer and a magnetometer.

Misfit Shine

The last in the list of smartwatches and wearable for healthcare is Misfit Shine. As the name suggests, this activity monitor neither looks like a medallion nor a band. The Misfit Shine can tell the time, track your movement, sleep, weight and diet. Though it lacks some basic smartwatch features but it works fine as far as the activity monitoring is concerned. The Shine activity monitor automatically counts your steps and keeps a track of you sleep too. Sports monitoring involves sports like cycling, swimming, tennis and even dancing.


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So guys that’s it. Those were 6 shortlisted Smartwatches and wearable for healthcare. To keep track of your health choose one of it as per your requirement and budget and count each calorie you burn on your tip.


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