South Indian diet plan for weight loss

Hello South India! Vandanalu!  Are you from south of India and searching for South Indian diet plan for weight loss?  So you are at the right place. We are back again. Yeah its been a while that we haven’t posted anything. Today we are here with a South Indian diet plan for weight loss. Yes guys a Low Fat South Indian diet plan for weight loss. First of all we have to remember, If you wanna lose your weight then the thing you have to look at are

1. Your workout for weight loss.

2. Your Calories intake.

It has been found that the South Indians are foodie by heart. And have a way different style of cooking and you know the food are also different. This South Indian diet plan for weight loss is designed in a way to make you adopt healthy life style. If you are determined to lose some pounds then you should try this meal plan. This South Indian diet plan for weight loss Consists of 6 meals, that is you have to take 6 Meals a day, Given with the approx calories.



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South Indian diet plan for weight loss

South Indian diet plan for weight loss


Early Morning

[APPX 90 CAL] 

Food Item Amount Calories( Kcal )
Lukewarm water with lemon 1 cup
Tea (without sugar) 1 cup 35
Marie biscuit 2 55



Break Fast
[APPX 100 or 150 CAL] 


Food Items Amount Calories(Kcal)
Ragi ganji/Rava ganji


Idli with Sambar


Neer dosa withCoconut chutney

1 glass












Food Items Amount Calories (Kcal)
Fruit salad 1 medium bow 40
Green tea (without sugar) 1 cup 35



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Lunch Time
[APPX 330 CAL] 

Food Items Amount Calories (Kcal)
Ragi ball ( 2 no ) / Steamed rice 1 bowl 200
Koshimbiri 1 bowl 30
Bus saaru 1 bowl 50
Cabbage palya 1 bowl 50



Evening Meal
[APPX 155 CAL]

Food Items Amounts Calories(Kcal)
Green tea (without sugar) 1 cup 35
 Wheat rusk 2 120

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[APPX 330 CAL]

Food Items Amount Calories(Kcal)
Chapati (without oil/ghee) 2 200
Bhendekai gojju 1 small bowl 100
Curd 1 small bowl 30




1130 kcal Approx


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So guys we got a total of 1130 Kcal for a whole day which is perfect to lose weight. That was the whole day South Indian diet plan for weight loss. As we said earlier the key thing is Calories intake. Control it and you will be fit soon. Follow this meal plan and find the difference on your own.

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