What can you do to lose weight – 10 Tips that will help you to lose faster.

What can you do to lose weight? Here is the Answer. Our last post was a diet plan to control your calories intake and help in your weight losing process. But one thing you have to keep in your mind that altering your diet is not enough for some effective weight loss, indeed there are some Do’s and Don’ts that you have to take care of. So guys, today we are going to give you some ​weight losing tips that what can you do to lose weight.

So here we go….

First and most important thing what can you do to lose weight is to Change your lifestyle:
Adapt a new healthy lifestyle. A new healthy lifestyle that leads you to a way better healthy life. A new healthy lifestyle can b achieved by changing your diet. Eat healthy, Stay healthy Or by adding some workout in your routine.


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Here are what can you do to lose weight

Under what can you do to lose weight we have some DO’s and DON’Ts. Under DO’s we have what you need to do to shed your weight. On The other hand under DON’Ts, what you need to avoid.


What can you do to lose weight- The things you need to do is here.

Eat Healthy:

Eat food with minimum calories and maximum amount of protein. Avoid Fast food.


Eat home cooked meals majority of times:

Yeah! Home cooked meals are way better than the meals you eat outside. Some times it affect directly to our metabolism. And as you know bad metabolism cam leads to several problems. So try to have Home Cooked Meals.


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Lift Twice or Thrice a week:

what can you do to lose weight
Yes! Lifting weight, Hitting Gym help build your muscles. Building muscle through strength training brings many benefits, including:

  • Increases endurance,flexibility.
  • Reduced risk for injury.
  • Increases energy.
  • Boost metabolism.


Drink green tea or ginger tea:

what can you do to lose weight
Add Green tree or Ginger tea to your diet. It works magically when it is the case of weight loss.


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Be patient: 

Patience pays the best price. You have to be patient regarding your progress. It will take some time but surely there will be effective progress.It is healthy to lose maximum 4 kgs per month. So be patient.


Limit alcohol:

Reduce alcohol consumption.


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What can you do to lose weight- The things you need to avoid is here.

Sweetened foods:

Highly sweetened foods tend to make you crave more. Sweet is one of the good source of calories. taking excess sweetened food gradually increase your calories intake, instead of losing you will gain weight again.


Emotional eating:

Say no to emotional eating. Eat when you’re hungry not when you are bored, tired, angry or sad.


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Late night meals:

Many people are habitual of Late night Eating . It affects your metabolism, so avoid it.




Smoking is injurious to health, it affects your whole system, especially your respiratory system. It somehow affects your metabolism too.


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So guys these were what can you do to lose weight, some Do’s and Don’ts that you have to take care of. Try to follow these Tips with our weight loss meal plan you will surely get a surprising result.


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