Weight loss meal plan for Indians – Meal Plan to control you calories.

Are you from India? And searching for Weight loss meal plan for Indians? So you are at the right place. We are back again. Yeah its been a while that we haven’t posted anything. Today we are here with a Weight loss meal plan for Indians. Yes guys a Low Fat Weight loss meal plan for Indians And their neighboring countries (Asian especially). First of all we have to remember, If you wanna lose your weight then the thing you have to look at are

1. Your workout for weight loss

2. Your Calories intake.

Its found that the Indians have a way different style of cooking and you know the food are also different. In order to adopt healthy life Many Indians switch their meal to adopt the western countries meal plan, some of Indians can afford, some not. For those who can’t here we are with so called Desi diet plan for initial weight loss. This is called desi because the food that you are gonna take is easily available. This Weight loss meal plan for Indians Consists of 7 meals, that is you have to take 7 Meals  a day, Given with the approx calories.

Weight loss meal plan for Indians



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Weight loss meal plan for Indians



Morning Tea or coffee

  • Tea / Coffee / Green Tea (Without/Less Sugar)


[APPX 200 CAL] 

  • l Cup Iow-fat-milk with whole oats.


  • 2 Idlis/ l simple dosa(dry) with sambhar-chatni


  • 1 Plate poha/upma with vegetables


  • 2 Wheat bread toasts with 2 lea spoon honey (No butter).



One hour or two before lunch
[APPX 200 CAL]

  •  Mix Fruit dish/Chart (Banana. Plums, Watermelon. Orange. Apple etc)


  • Bowl fruit yogurt (No Sugar or Added Flavors).


  • 1 Glass fruit milkshake (No Sugar or Added Flavors).


  • 1 Glass mix fruit lassi (Very Less Sugar).


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Lunch Time
[APPX 500 CAL] 

  • Vegetable sabji, 2 rotis (No Butter). dal rice. buttermilk


  • Low-Fat-Paneer sabji + 2 rotis (No Butter). buttermilk


  • 1 Vegetable & cheese whole wheat sandwich (No Butter)


  • 1 Vegetable / stuff/ low~fat~paneer paratha with lassi (Less Sugar)


  • 1 Wheat base pizza with black bean salad and vegetable toppings


  • 1 Egg omelet with two whole wheat bread toasts



Evening Meal
[APPX 200 CAL]

  • 1 Bowl boiled sprouts & beans with lemon, salt and pepper dressing


  • l Bowl moong dal


  • 2 Egg whites.


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[APPX 350 CAL]

  • Baked potatoes and vegetables with chopped tomato and onion gravy


  • Glass vegetable soup with two whole wheat toast.


  • 1 Bowl brown rice with vegetable soup


  • Handful of dry fruits.



Half an hour Before going to bed
[APPX 100 CAL]

  • 1 Glass warm low-fat-milk (No Sugar or Flavors).


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So guys that was the whole day Weight loss meal plan for you. As i said earlier the key thing is Calories intake. Control it and you will be fit soon. Follow this meal plan and find the difference on your own.

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