Which direction to sleep – Is sleeping on left side beneficial?

Everyone loves to have sweet sleep. Getting a good sleep is important for our health, body, mind, and our mood to refuel our body with the energy, especially after we have a long tired day. According to the National Sleep Foundation, it is recommended every adult to get six to seven hours of sleep per night. As i said Sleep is important for health, and do you know that sleeping in a specific position can help you in improving many health issues. Yes guys its true, but the question is Which direction to sleep?- On your back?, On your Left side or the right side? Well if you have no idea don’t worry we are here to tell you which direction to sleep.

Which direction to sleep - Is sleeping on left side beneficial?

Well, According to a Research, Everyone should always sleep on your left side. Yes guys Research says that sleeping on your left side – rather than on your right side – keeps you healthy. when it is asked to Dr. Johan Douillard, which direction to sleep, he said according to his research sleeping on left side has many health benefits.


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Benefits of sleeping on left side also has its place in Ayurveda where it is called Vamkushi. After we get to know which direction to sleep, lets take a look at why it is said to sleep on left side.

Benefits of Sleeping on Left side:

Benefits of Sleeping on Left side

As reported by Reshareable, Dr. Johan Douillard explains how sleeping on your left side is beneficial in his research.  According to their research Sleeping on left side has these following benefits on human body.

1. Prevents snoring 

2. Helps in better blood circulation

3. Helps in proper digestion after meals

4. Gives relief to people having back and neck pain

5. Helps in filtering and purifying toxins, lymph fluids and wastes

6. Prevents serious illness as accumulated toxins are flushed out easily

7. Liver and kidneys work better

8. Helps in smooth bowel movements


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9. Reduces workload on heart and its proper functioning

10. Prevents acidity and heartburn

11. Prevents fatigue during morning

12. Fats gets digested easily

13. Positive impact on brain

14. It delays onset of Parkinsons and Alzheimers

15. It is also considered to be the best sleeping position according to Ayurveda.

I think we got the answer which direction to sleep.


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To this Dr. Johan Douillard added, On the other hand, sleeping on the right side slows down the process of pumping out toxins. It means that we retain harmful toxins in our body for a longer period and that can in turn cause health issues.

So guys this was all about “Which direction to sleep”. And we hope you got the correct answer why sleeping on left is beneficial an compared to sleeping to right. So guys now change your position while sleeping and live healthy.


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